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Nagara River Bike Tour
This is our most popular bike tour. Enjoy beautiful natural scenery and cycle along the Nagara river with a guide. Read more:

Old City Bike Tour
The Old City Bike Tour is the best way to begin your visit to Gujo-Hachiman.  Read more:

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About Gujo-Hachiman

Experience "Off the Beaten Path" Japan in Way That's Unique, Unforgettable and Accessible

gujo hachiman

Visit Gujo Hachiman and you can expect to be immersed in an authentic small town Japanese experience unique to an "off the beaten path" town. Here the traditional way of living is on a very human scale. People passing each other in the street still greet each other with a small bow, and exchange a passing greeting.
Gujo Hachiman offers visitors a rare opportunity to see, and be part of, a traditional way of life that has changed little over many years.
Visitors to Gujo Hachiman may find the use of English somewhat limited, but can always expect a warm welcome wherever they may go in town. READ MORE