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Old City Bike Tour (Compact) 

Old city bike tour (Compact) is a shortened version of our very popular Old city bike tour - the tour is great for those rushed for time, as it runs for 3 hours. Don’t worry - when you’re on two wheels, this is plenty time to see Gujo!
Explore the old streets of the City of Gujo and the cultures, beautiful nature, industry and much more! Gujo is a famous town for Japan’s Biggest Odori Dance in during summer. The old town street are still there and people live with nature as old days. Especially water is so clear, you will find that by Nagara River and Yoshida River. Along the river flowing in the center of the town, you can see people fishing, washing their laundries or vegetables. In this tour, we will take you to Japanese traditional temple and shrine, Sogi-sui spring, and have some tea at traditional tea house. We may use back street which is you never find like only local people knows.

Guided tour: Old City Bike Tour (Compact)
A Old City Bike Tour is the perfect way to see Gujo.

If you’re visiting Gujo for the first time, this tour will be the best option for your experience. You’ll pedal past some of the city’s top sights—which include Sogi-sui Spring, Hachiman Castle —and benefit from the insider knowledge of a guide during regular stops. Also snacks (Japanese green tea and Mitarashi dumpling) are included.

Tour starts at 10:00 a.m ~ 13:00 p.m
Duration: About 3 hours

Adult: 1 hours tour ¥6,000JPY/person
Anyone 18 years of age or older is eligible to join our tour.
We only accept cash.

Max: 8 people
Min: 1 person

What’s Included in our Cycling Tours?
・Rental bike
Return Details
Returns to original departure point 
Reservation Dead line
1week before

  Old city bike tour Old city bike tour
Visit popular spots in Gujo-Hachiman
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Have some tea at Cafe

Tour Highlights
・Visit a Japanese shrine and temple 
・Visit a Sogi-sui spring
・Have some tea and  "mitarashi dango"at Café.

Old city bike tour meet at Nagaragawa Tetsudo Gujo-Hachiman Station.
188-54 Jonan,Hachimancho, Gujo-Shi, Gifu, Japan 
- Car parking available
- Feel free to use the bathroom
You can buy drink at the vending machine

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